Mercedes Service A & Service B - What's the difference?

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Mercedes Benz owners take great pride in their vehicles, and also in the precision engineering that goes into the automobile.  For this reason, it is also extremely important to adhere to maintenance schedules, since this will not only increase the longevity of the engine, but will also continue to enhance the overall performance of the car.

One of the bigger choices that Mercedes owners do face in terms of maintenance is the choice to use Service A or Service B.  Both offer the precision attention that the vehicle requires, but some differences in the services that are covered through each plan can be more appropriate to various driving styles and habits.

What Is Service A?

While both services are applicable for models between 2009 and 2014, one of the bigger differences is that Service A starts at 10,000 miles or one year.  This can indicate that Service A may be more applicable for drivers who do not have long commutes, or take the Mercedes on road trips.

Beyond this, Service A also includes:

•    Oil and oil filter change
•    Fluid level checks and corrections
•    Tire inspection and inflation
•    Brake check and maintenance
•    Further elements of service that are dictated by the model and year of the vehicle

This covers all of the basics for Mercedes maintenance on vehicles that receive moderate usage.

What Is Service B?

This service actually includes all of the provisions of Service A, but does have some additional factors that are considered.  These include:

•    Replacement of cabin dust/combination filter
•    Brake fluid exchange

Further, Service B is set for 20,000 miles or one year for the first scheduled maintenance, which can make this option a good choice for drivers who spend more time on the road. For more information on Mercedes Benz maintenance services in the Boise and Meridian area, contact us at 208-887-7827.

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