Is your Mercedes Benz ready for the season change?

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Ask most people what their favorite time of year is, and fall will likely be one of the most popular responses. From football to colorful leaves to Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are plenty of reasons to love fall. But when it comes to your Mercedes Benz, it's important to take some steps to make sure your vehicle is ready for the seasonal change. You'll want to look at several things to ensure that your Mercedes is ready for the fall and the winter beyond it. Here are some of the key things to look at.

•    Brakes – You also need to ensure that your brakes are calibrated properly, that brake fluid levels are where they need to be, and that pads don't need to be changed. Wet roads and fallen leaves can make it harder to stop when needed, so brakes are a must when preparing your Mercedes for fall.

•    Lights – As the fall and winter approach, nights get longer and you will want to make sure that your lights work. We're talking about headlights, parking lights, reverse lights, and all other lights on your vehicle. A full check is something you need to make.

•    Battery – Your battery needs to be tested by your service center to make sure no issues exist and that it's healthy enough to last during the colder temps of the fall and winter – otherwise you could be stranded.

•    Antifreeze – You'll need levels to be where they should in order to avoid being left in the cold. Your service technician can check this for you easily.

These are just a few of the steps to take to get your vehicle ready for the fall. Your Mercedes Benz service technician can help you review the full checklist and make sure you're prepared for the coming months.

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